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In 2011, one November morning around 6:00 am, three pedestrians were struck by vehicles, that same day, around 7:00 pm two more pedestrians were struck, all five were killed. Verdict? The drivers did not see them and no charges were laid.

Deeply concerned, I began to do research on reflective clothing, to my surprise, the options were so limited - only industrial vests were available. Then I engaged a group of college students, designers, marketers and accountants to further develop my business model.

In June 2013, “Visible Couture” our online store was launched. We are proud to a leader and trendsetter in reflective clothing and accessories.

Visible Couture’s distinctive designs combine the latest fashion trends with the best reflective technology available by 3M Canada. Using a technology called retro-reflection, this material helps the eye perceive light in low light conditions by returning the light rays back to their source. We cut this highly reflective material into savvy designs that make safety fun.

You can choose an image from our online Image Bank or provide your own corporate logo/family crest or favourite image and have it applied to any item from our fashionable line of t-shirts, dress shirts, golf shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, hoodies, fitness wear, safety jackets/vests and ties.

Our hope is that people wearing our clothing, whether they’re crossing the street, walking their dog or riding their bikes, they will be seen by drivers in low light conditions and hence be saved from a motor vehicle related mishap.*

If we save only one life with our reflective apparel, then we would have accomplished our goal.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Augustine Jones
Founder, Visible Couture

Our Clients:

Schools | Training Centres | Colleges & Universities | Sports Teams

Corporations | Not-for-Profit Organizations

Families | Individuals

* In North America, approximately 70,000 are injured and almost 5000 pedestrians die each year when they are hit by motor vehicles. The reason being drivers don't see the people in time, especially at dawn or dusk.

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