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As shown on CTV News: "Consumer Alert: Reflective and Fashionable" by Pat Foran

Classic Plaid Bow Tie - Unisex Men's "Bruce Lee" Limited Edition Hoodie Men's Black Panther Reflective L/S T-Shirt
Tropical Heat Bow Tie - Unisex Men's Three-Layer Light Bonded Soft Shell Jacket Men's OAKLEY Quilted Jacket
Women's "NO is NO" Limited Edition Hooded French Terry Youth Black Panther Reflective T-Shirt TECHNOPrint Stealth Hoodie
TECHNOPrint Stealth Vest Men's Black Panther Reflective T-Shirt Women's TECHNOPrint Light Bonded Textured Soft Shell Jacket
TECHNOPrint Stealth Vest
Our Price: $89.99
Men's Devon & Jones Oxford Polo Ladies' Black Panther Reflective T-Shirt Star Power Bow Tie - Unisex
Tropical Breeze Bow Tie - Unisex Men's Devon & Jones Crown Collection Dress Shirt Women's TECHNOPrint 3-Layer Soft Shell Jacket
Men's OAKLEY Pressed Fleece Hoodie Men's CALVIN KLEIN Non-Iron Dobby Dress Shirt "Grateful to be Canadian" Bow Tie - Unisex
Women's Devon & Jones Oxford Polo